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Consider the following guidelines when using the BMC ProactiveNet Integration Service:

  • A 32-bit Integration Service can scale up to 15,000 monitor instances and 125,000 attributes.


    The BMC ProactiveNet Integration Service on Solaris, whether 32-bit or 64-bit computer, cannot monitor more than 125,000 attributes.

  • A 64-bit Integration Service can scale up to 50,000 monitor instances and 500,000 attributes on a computer with 2 CPUs with a total of 4 Cores.


    Do not try to exceed 50,000 monitor instances and 500,000 attributes on a single Integration Service computer. Additional CPU and memory does not help to scale beyond these values.

  • Allocate a separate Integration Service for each remote network.
  • Minimize the number of Integration Service that you use to collect data from BMC PATROL Agents.
  • Ensure that the BMC ProactiveNet Central and Child Servers have user access to the Integration Service computers.
  • Deploy an Integration Service on each network where BMC PATROL Agents are located, and distribute BMC PATROL Agents on the Integration Services so that the load on the service does not exceed the suggested values.
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