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To configure the BMC ProactiveNet Server to use 256-bit SSL encryption, follow these steps:

  1. Stop the BMC ProactiveNet Server.
  2. Create the certificate with the .der or .cer format.
    For example iascert.cer is generated using certsrv from Windows.
  3. If you cannot access the LDAP or Active Directory server, use JXplorer (an open source LDAP browser) to export the server certificate to a file by following these steps:
    1. Using JXplorer, connect to the LDAP server.
    2. From the menu bar, choose Security > Trusted Servers and CAs.
    3. Select the appropriate certificate, and click View Certificate.
    4. In the General tab, click Copy to File.
    5. Select the file location and type the file name for the certificate.
  4. Copy the certificate file to the \Program Files\ProactiveNet\pw\jre\lib\security directory.
  5. Ensure that your Windows path contains the \Program Files\ProactiveNet\pw\jre\bin path.
  6. Enter the following command specifying the complete certificate and keystore path:
    keytool -importcert -v -trustcacerts -alias LDAP123 -file server.der -keystore pnserver.ks
  7. When prompted, enter the keystore password.
    The default keystore password is get2net.
  8. Back up the following files in the \Program Files\ProactiveNet\pw\jre\lib\security directory:
    • local_policy.jar
    • US_export_policy.jar
  9. From the Oracle website (,
    download the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files ( which contain the following files:
    • local_policy.jar
    • US_export_policy.jar
      and copy them into the \Program Files\ProactiveNet\pw\jre\lib\security directory.
      These files are required for unlimited encryption strength over a network.
  10. Restart the BMC ProacativeNet Server.
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