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Perform the following steps to manually configure BMC Performance Manager for Cisco UCS Manager in the BMC ProactiveNet Server:

  1. Open the BMC ProactiveNet Administration Console and add an adapter for BMC PATROL. For more information, see the BMC ProactiveNet Data Adapter and Monitor Guide.
  2. Connect the PATROL Agent to the Integration Service for PATROL.
  3. Select the monitor types to be created as shown in the figure below.
  4. Select the monitor types to be monitored as shown in the figure below.

    The process of creating an adapter for BMC PATROL begins. Wait for the process to complete.
  5. Open the BMC ProactiveNet Operations Console, click Devices on the Main accordion, and go to the Grid View.
    Under the device for Cisco UCS Manager, a tree similar to the figure below is displayed:
  6. Click the link for the device whose monitor information you want to view. For example, to view the information of the Cisco Nexus Switch, click the link for the Cisco UCS Manager switch ( or in the figure above).

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