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Use the following procedure to configure the integration between BMC Atrium CMDB and BMC ProactiveNet.

Before you begin

See Verifying data collection in the BMC ProactiveNet Server.

To configure BMC Atrium CMDB with BMC ProactiveNet

  1. Ensure that BMC ProactiveNet CMDB Extensions, modules, and hotfixes are installed on the computer where the BMC Atrium CMDB is installed.
    See BMC ProactiveNet Getting Started Guide for details.
  2. Run the BMC Atrium CMDB integration utility in the pw\pronto\bin directory.

    integrate_atrium_cmdb -uddi_server_host_name <uddiServerHostName> 
    -uddi_server_port_no <uddiServerPortNumber> -uddi_user_name <uddiUserUame> 
    [-uddi_password <uddiPassword>] -cmdb_server_host_name <cmdbServerHostName> 
    -cmdb_server_port_no <cmdbServerPortNumber> -cmdb_user_name <cmdbUserName> 
    [-cmdb_password <cmdbPassword>] -cmdb_version <cmdbVersion> 
    [-ngp_webserver_protocol <webServerProtocol>] 
    [-ngp_webserver_port_no <proactiveNetWebServerPortNumber>]


    • <uddiServerHostName> is the host name of the UDDI web service where BMC Atrium CMDB is running
    • <uddiServerPortNumber> is the port number used by the UDDI web service on the specified host
    • <uddiUserUame> is the user name for the UDDI web service
    • (optional)<uddiPassword> is the password for the UDDI web service user
    • <cmdbServerHostName> is the host name where BMC Atrium CMDB is running
    • <cmdbServerPortNumber> is the BMC Remedy Action Request System TCP port number, used to log into the system server
    • <cmdbUserName> is the user name to access the BMC Remedy Action Request System server
    • (optional)<cmdbPassword> is the password for the BMC Remedy Action Request System server user
    • <cmdbVersion>is the BMC Atrium CMDB version. Use one of the following values:
      • 7.6.04 (for BMC Atrium CMDB version 7.6.04 SP1)
      • 7.6.03 (for BMC Atrium CMDB version 7.6.03 P1)
      • 7.6 (for BMC Atrium CMDB version 7.6 patch 2)
      • 7.5 (for BMC Atrium CMDB version 7.5 patch 5)



All user names and passwords are case sensitive.

Use the following optional arguments if you need to enable the cross-launch into BMC ProactiveNet.

  • <webServerProtocol> is the web server protocol, either http (default) or https
  • <proactiveNetWebServerPortNumber> is the port number used by the web service. The default value is 80.


integrate_atrium_cmdb -uddi_server_host_name uddi-1234 
-uddi_server_port_no 8181 -uddi_user_name admin
-uddi_password admin -cmdb_server_host_name cmdb-1234
-cmdb_server_port_no 9292 -cmdb_user_name Demo 
-ngp_webserver_protocol http 
-ngp_webserver_port_no 8080


It is not mandatory to use UDDI details. In BMC ProactiveNet, UDDI is used only to crosslaunch from the Operations Console to Atrium CMDB or to crosslaunch to BMC Server Automation. If you require the publishing functionality only, then you can provide the host name, port number, user, and password of Atrium CMDB for the UDDI parameters when you run the integrate_atrium_cmdb script. If you specify Atrium CMDB details, a UDDI related error message is returned but the publishing related CMDB integration is successful. For more information, see Knowledge Article 354158 on the BMC Customer Support website.

Where to go from here

See Configuring IBRSD integration.

Related topics

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