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To integrate transaction performance data from BMC Transaction Management Application Response Time (BMC TM ART) into BMC ProactiveNet, you have the following options:

  • BMC ProactiveNet adapter for BMC TM ART
  • PATROL Knowledge Module (KM) for BMC TM ART

BMC strongly recommends using the adapter for BMC TM ART for transaction performance data collection, rather than the BMC TM ART KM.

The BMC ProactiveNet adapter for BMC TM ART integrates data collected by BMC Transaction Management Application Response Time (BMC TM ART) Central into BMC ProactiveNet Server for analysis and root-cause drill down. The adapter uses the set of servlet APIs that are available as part of BMC TM ART Central to access BMC TM ART Central and collect metrics regarding BMC TM ART projects, transaction monitors, and locations.

The BMC TM ART KM uses the same BMC TM ART APIs to collect metrics. Monitoring data is then available for transfer from the PATROL Agent to BMC ProactiveNet through an integration between these two products.

When choosing the solution to use for the collection of data from BMC TM ART and the incorporation of this data into BMC ProactiveNet, consider the following characteristics of each solution:

BMC TM ART Adapter


  • Collects a rich parameter set, which includes custom counters, custom timers, and project measurements.
  • Separates transaction availability data from transaction accuracy data.
  • Offers flashchecks for on-demand execution of the data collection script on BMC TM ART Central and refreshing the displayed data in BMC ProactiveNet.
  • Provides detailed diagnostic actions, which can be triggered manually or automatically to:
    • Display detailed page timer data
    • Generate a TrueLog diagnostic file through an immediate re-execution of the monitor using the Run Now + TrueLog action
    • Integrate with BMC AppSight to drill down into BMC AppSight's application server details for a particular monitor execution instance
  • Records parameters using the timestamp when the monitor ran on the BMC TM ART Execution Server and matches the Execution Log values in BMC TM ART Central.
  • Offers an optimized data collection mechanism.a
  • Eliminates BMC ProactiveNet data gaps and inconsistency with BMC TM ART information by collecting all historical data points available for a metric (not just the most recent), thus fully matching the Execution Log in BMC TM ART Central.a
  • Provides BMC TM ART Health parameters.
  • The Availability parameter merges both availability and accuracy metrics.
  • Was originally designed for PATROL Classic, and is not optimized for BMC ProactiveNet.
  • Provides only basic transaction-level metrics and custom timers.
  • Parameters are timestamped when BMC ProactiveNet collects the information, not when the BMC TM ART monitor actually ran on the Execution Server. Therefore, timestamps do not match those in the Execution Log in BMC TM ART Central.
  • Gaps in data collected from the BMC TM ART KM and from BMC TM ART Central might appear in BMC ProactiveNet. The KM collects all BMC TM ART historical data points. However, if multiple results for the same data metric exist in the KM since the last collection, BMC ProactiveNet ignores all but the most recent value.
  • The extra latency caused by the additional collection of information by the BMC TM ART KM (compared to the adapter, which collects data directly from BMC TM ART) might lead to delays in event detection and notification.
  • Reuses the same application classes in several hierarchical levels. This results in a display that can be confusing in the BMC ProactiveNet consoles.

a BMC ProactiveNet 8.6.02 Service Pack 2 or later

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