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This section explains the steps you must perform to bring up the recovery BMC ProactiveNet Server after a disaster.

For Calbro Services, this chapter explains the steps to bring up the server at New York,, after the server at Amsterdam,, failed.

Step 1: Set the DNS server

On the DNS server, make the appropriate changes so that the DNS alias redirects to the recovery BMC ProactiveNet Server.

Step 2: Transfer the latest \pw files

If no storage replication system is used, transfer the latest \pw files from the backed up source to the recovery BMC ProactiveNet Server.


BMC recommends that you use any third-party file synchronization and backup software to transfer the \pw directory because traditional copying can result in any unexpected failure.

Step 3: Restore the database files

For information about the restore procedure, see the [BMC ProactiveNet Command Line Interface Reference Guide |PDFs^ProactiveNet_Command_Line_Interface_Reference_9.0.pdf]

Step 4: Start the BMC ProactiveNet Server

  • (Windows) From the system icon tray, right-click the BMC ProactiveNet icon, and click Server Start.
  • (Solaris) Access the pw command-line interface, and enter the pw system start command.


If you have problems with starting the service on Microsoft Windows, ensure that the dbCmdLine.conf file is updated with the database name. The file is located in the pw\sybase directory.

Step 5: Validate the configuration

  1. Launch the BMC ProactiveNet Operations Console by using the alias name set for the primary BMC ProactiveNet Server in a browser.
    For the Calbro Services example, access the console through the following URL: http://pronet
  2. Validate the data by using the FlashCheck option.
    For more details about the FlashCheck option, see the [BMC ProactiveNet User Guide|PDFs^ProactiveNet_User_Guide_9.0.pdf].

Step 6: Configure the remote event cells

This step enables the remote event cells to retrieve the IP address of the recovery BMC ProactiveNet Server.

To configure a remote event cell

  1. To flush and reset the cache, open a command prompt on a remote event cell and run the following command:
    ipconfig /flushdns
  2. Restart the remote cell.
  3. Similarly, configure all the remote event cells.