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The following table lists minimum system requirements for BMC ProactiveNet Servers running on Solaris operating systems. See Hardware requirements for more information about different sized environments.




User Rights

root privileges



Sun™ UltraSPARC-10 or later


Supported versions of Sun Solaris

Solaris 9 or 10



4 GB

8 GB

Hard Disk space

9 GB

18 GB

Database space

  • Embedded Sybase ASA Database: 10 GB on Central Server, 200 GB on each child server
  • Oracle Database, on a separate, dedicated computer: 200 GB each child server

200 GB for Sybase Database

Port availability

The following ports should be available in listen mode:
80, 443, 1099, 1100, 1827, 1828, 1851, 2638, 3084, 3115, 8005, 8008, 8009, 8093, 9149, 12123, 12124, 12126, 12130, 12134, 12140, 12141, 15000, 45000.
For information about changing the default port number, see the BMC ProactiveNet Installation and Configuration Guide.


Swap space

3 GB

4 GB

Software disk space

4 GB

4 GB

Data disk space

5.5 GB

9 GB

Temporary disk space (/tmp)

1 GB with read/write privileges

1 GB


256 colors (required for Administration Console)


File descriptor



Package required for graphs

system SUNWmfrun Motif RunTime Kit


In addition to the requirements shown in the table above, you must also apply required Solaris patches for Solaris 9 and Solaris 10. You can download these patches from the Sun Microsystems website. Patch requirements are frequently revised. For updated or additional patch requirements, check

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