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This topic presents assumptions about the BMC ProactiveNet Central Monitoring Administration environment, and limitations to that environment.

Assumptions for Central Monitoring Administration

  • Relevant monitoring solutions must be deployed on the BMC PATROL Agent for policy configuration to take effect.
  • The Central Monitoring Repository is a required component for Central Monitoring Administration:
    • Through Central Monitoring Administration, you can only configure monitoring solutions that are available in the repository and listed in Central Monitoring Administration screens.
    • Monitoring solutions deployed on the BMC PATROL Agents are from the repository.
  • All BMC PATROL Agents managed by the policy are version 9.0 or later, and are connected to Integration Services 9.0 and later.
  • For the policies to be successfully applied, all the related components — such as BMC ProactiveNet Central Server, BMC ProactiveNet Child Servers, Integration Services, and BMC PATROL Agents — are running and the required ports are accessible.

Limitations for Central Monitoring Administration

  • Not all monitoring solutions are configurable through Central Monitoring Administration. For a list of monitoring solutions that support configuration through Central Monitoring Administration, see Monitoring solutions configurable through Central Monitoring Administration.
  • Central Monitoring Administration does not provide feedback in the console if a policy is not applied. The log files list any failures while applying the policies. For failures associated with incorrect configuration (such as incorrect password or port number), see the BMC PATROL Agent log files. For details about the BMC PATROL Agent, see BMC PATROL Agent version 9.0.00 Reference Manual . Log in with your BMC Support credentials.
  • Deleting or removing a configuration policy might not immediately stop data collection on the BMC PATROL Agent if the monitoring solutions contains default monitoring. Restart the agent to stop the data collection.
  • You cannot edit deprecated BMC ProactiveNet monitors through Central Monitoring Administration.
  • Central Monitoring Administration does not employ role-base access control, so any user with access to Central Monitoring Administration can make changes to any relevant object, such as agents and thresholds, across all deployed BMC ProactiveNet Servers.
  • See Recommendations for Central Monitoring Administration and BMC PATROL tools for limitations and considerations with Central Monitoring Administration and PATROL Configuration Manager or Patrol Classic Console.
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