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This dialog box displays information about a selected process that is being monitored. The dialog box only reports information; you cannot enter data into it.

Items on this dialog box



Process Summary group box

This group box lists the current settings for the following process attributes:

  • Process Instance Label
  • Monitored Process String
  • Minimum Count
  • Maximum Count
  • Acceptable Process Owners
  • Parent Process ID Must Be 1
  • Restart Automatically
  • Command Execution Attempts
  • Start Command
  • Stop Command
  • Command Execution User Name
  • Alert Delay Count
  • Alert State
  • Monitor Option

Process Presence Report group box

This group box lists the following information about the selected process

  • Host Name—lists the hosts that PATROL is monitoring for the process
  • Count—lists the number of instances of the process that are running on the specified host
  • Total—lists the total number of processes that PATROL has detected in the host group


Click this button to close the dialog box.

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