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Use the Modify Host instanceName dialog box to modify the details such as profile and public and private key file paths for an existing host.

Items on this dialog box




Displays the name of the host that is being modified.


Select the name of the profile that you want to associate with this host.

Override Profile Credentials (for profile other than NONE)

If you select this option, the default profile credentials that were set while adding the profile are overridden.

Username (required if profile is NONE)

Type the user name to log on to the remote host.


Type the password.

Public Key File Path

Type the path for the Public Key file.

Private key File Path

Type the path for the Private Key file.


Type in the passphrase to access the public key and private key files.


Click this button to save the changes.


Click this button to close the dialog box.


Click this button to open the PATROL for Linux help file.

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