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You can use this dialog box to identify a flag directory for process presence monitoring. Flag files are used to inhibit alarms during system backups and regular maintenance.

The Identify Flag Directory dialog box is accessed from the NUK_Process application class menu. 

Items on this dialog box



Enter Full Path

Type the full path for the flag file directory. The flag file directory must conform to the following standards:

  • The directory must exist on the system
  • The PATROL Agent must have read permissions on the flag directory

    Flag files must conform to the following standards:
  • Flag files must reside in the designated flag file directory
  • Flag files must be named ignore_ProcessName, where ProcessName is the name assigned to the monitored process

Do not store flag files in the /tmp directory; many Linux systems automatically clear this directory upon system reboot.


Click this button to save the changes you made in the dialog box.


Click this button to close the dialog box without saving the changes you made.

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