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The Self Service Portal is accessed via a URL that you supply to your users or that your users access by clicking a link from some other web page. The standard URL for the portal is as follows:


You can optionally specify the following additional items on the URL:


You can select to use HTTPS, rather than HTTP, and you can also select to define a port number following the server name.

Logon information

You might want to specify logon information about the URL. If you do, the logon prompt is not displayed when users open the portal; they are taken directly into the application instead (provided the logon information is valid). Following is an example of a logon URL:


This URL uses the uid logon method (defined in the configuration file) and passes the user ID as a parameter on the URL, rather than requiring the user to type it in.

Context information

You can also specify context information about the URL. This context can be anything that you want to pass to the Support Agent. The context is passed through the BMC chat system to BMC Remedy AR System. It can then be used by integration points or simply displayed to the Support Agent. For example, you might want to pass the Operational Categories in the incident ticket when the integration workflow for this is enabled.

Following is an example of context that might be added to a URL, where XXX represents Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 fields of the incident ticket.


Following is a complete example of a URL for accessing the portal and passing all parameters: