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By default, customers must enter at least one question before they can chat with a live agent. If you want to allow customers to chat with live agents as soon as they log on, you can add a URL parameter and automatically submit a query.

To put the Self Service Portal in live agent mode when launched, use the rla=1 parameter in the URL. When customers logs in to a chat with this parameter, they are in queue to chat with a live agent, but they must submit a question before talking with a live agent. 

Example: http://midTierServerName:portNumber/eschat/arhome.html?rla=1

BMC Virtual Agent also supports submitting an initial question when the Self Service Portal launches with the cq=<contextQuery> parameter.

Example: http://midTierServerName:portNumber/eschat/arhome.html?rla=1&cq=Live%20Agent%20Request


You can also use the plus sign + or %20 to separate words for the cq value.

The value for the cq parameter can be used to provide launch point information. For example, for starting the Self Service Portal from a particular product page, you could use cq=ProductName%20Version10. In the Support Agent Console, the pending chat displays the cq value, as shown in the following example the cq value is Calbro%20Monitizer%20Version3.1.