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BMC TrueSight Operations Management version 10.1 includes the component products in the following table. To view a list of the products that you are entitled to use, locate your license in the License entitlements section. 



BMC Application Diagnostics


BMC Application Management Console2.7.00

BMC Atrium Core


BMC Atrium Orchestrator Application Adapters


BMC Atrium Orchestrator Base Adapters


BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform


BMC Atrium Orchestrator Runbooks


BMC Event and Impact Manager7.4.00
BMC Impact Database Gateway7.4.00
BMC Impact Integration for HP OpenView Operations1.2.30
BMC Impact Integration for Tivoli4.0.20
BMC Impact Integration for z/OS1.6.00
BMC Impact Explorer7.4.00
BMC Impact Portal7.4.01
BMC Installation Utility9.6.02
BMC PATROL Agent9.6.00
BMC PATROL Central Console7.9.00
BMC PATROL Console3.6.00
BMC PATROL Distribution Server7.8.20
BMC PATROL for Amazon Web Services1.2.00
BMC PATROL for Application Management10.1.00
BMC PATROL for BMC Server Automation8.2.00
BMC PATROL for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop2.0.00
BMC PATROL for Citrix XenServer3.1.00
BMC PATROL for Converged Infrastructure1.2.10
BMC PATROL for DB29.0.10
BMC PATROL for Entuity1.0.00
BMC PATROL for Force.com1.1.00
BMC PATROL for Hadoop1.0.00
BMC PATROL for Hardware by Sentry Software1.8.01
BMC PATROL for IBM WebSphere Application Server3.0.00
BMC PATROL for Informix10.0.30
BMC PATROL for Internet Servers9.0.10

BMC PATROL for iSeries


BMC PATROL for Jboss3.1.00
BMC PATROL for Light Weight Protocols2.0.10
BMC PATROL for Log Management2.7.10
BMC PATROL for Microsoft Azure1.1.00
BMC PATROL for Microsoft Exchange Servers6.0.00
BMC PATROL for Microsoft SQL Server9.5.00
BMC PATROL for Microsoft Windows4.8.10
BMC PATROL for MongoDB1.0.00 
BMC PATROL for OpenVMS2.7.20

BMC PATROL for Oracle


BMC PATROL for Oracle e-Business Suite3.4.10
BMC PATROL for Oracle Tuxedo6.3.12
BMC PATROL for Oracle WebLogic3.0.00
BMC PATROL for PeopleSoft2.0.10
BMC PATROL for Remedy AR Server1.1.00
BMC PATROL for SAP Solutions Manager2.0.00
BMC PATROL for Siebel eBusiness Applications3.6.07
BMC PATROL for Storage by Sentry Software3.0.00
BMC PATROL for Sybase11.0.10
BMC PATROL for Apache Tomcat and Generic Java Server3.0.00
BMC PATROL for Unix and Linux9.12.00
BMC PATROL for VMware vSphere4.0.00
BMC PATROL Installation Utility9.6.00
BMC Performance Manager Express for Business Applications2.7.53

BMC Performance Manager Express for Databases


BMC Performance Manager Express for Mail Servers2.8.20

BMC Performance Manager Express for Servers


BMC Performance Manager Express for SNMP Devices2.7.00
BMC Performance Manager Express for Web Servers2.3.00
BMC Performance Manager for Citrix Presentation Server2.5.10
BMC Performance Manager for Virtual Servers3.1.00
BMC Performance Manager for Web Application Servers2.9.30
BMC Performance Manager Reporting3.2.10

BMC Performance Manager Portal


BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring


BMC TrueSight App Visibility Agent10.1.00
BMC TrueSight App Visibility Manager Server10.1.00 
BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management10.0.00
BMC TrueSight IT Data Analytics2.1.00
BMC TrueSight IT Data Analytics Content Pack20.15.06
BMC TrueSight Operations Management Reporting10.0.00 + 10.0.05
BMC TrueSight Presentation Server10.1.00