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This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.

BMC has announced End of Life for this product.

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This section describes how to prepare your computing environment to install BMC Reporting Foundation on Windows and UNIX computers. For installation instructions, see Installing

In general, you will follow the following process.

  • Install BMC Reporting Foundation Server
  • Install BMC Reporting Foundation Client
  • Install a BMC reporting tool such as BMC ProactiveNet Reporting Engine. Or integrate with existing installation.


You can register to access additional documentation on SAP BusinessObjects at the SAP BusinessObjects Indirect Client Knowledge Center.

The site provides access to the following resources:

  • SAP BusinessObjects Notes
  • Installation Guides
  • Release Notes

The major steps for installing BMC Reporting Foundation are listed below. 


Location of information

Review installation requirements.

System requirements and product compatibility

Install the BMC Reporting Foundation Server component on a Windows machine.

Installing BMC Reporting Foundation on Windows


Install the BMC Reporting Foundation Server component on a Solaris machine.Installing BMC Reporting Foundation on Solaris

Install the BMC Reporting Foundation Client Tools.

Installing BMC Reporting Foundation Client Tools only

Install and configure your BMC reporting solution.

BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management Reporting 9.6

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