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The BMC Application, Database, and Middleware Monitoring License Add-on entitles you to use BMC PATROL, BMC Performance Manager Portal, or BMC ProactiveNet console only for monitoring. If you use BMC ProactiveNet console, the following analytics-only capabilities are prohibited:

  • Dynamic Baselines
  • Abnormalities
  • Probable Cause Analysis (PCA)
  • Knowledge patterns
  • Predictive Alarms
  • Signature Alarms
  • Intelligent Events
  • Abnormality index monitors

The following table lists the components for the BMC Application, Database, and Middleware Monitoring License Add-on. For download instructions, see Downloading the installation files.

BMC Application, Database, and Middleware Monitoring License Add-on

Functional componentsTechnical components
BMC Performance Manager Monitoring (Agentless)
  • BMC Performance Manager Express Business Applications
  • BMC Performance Manager Express for Databases
  • BMC Performance Manager Express for Mail Servers
  • BMC Performance Manager Express for Web Servers
  • BMC Performance Manager for Citrix Presentation Server
  • BMC Performance Manager for Web Application Servers
BMC PATROL Monitoring
  • BMC PATROL for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop
  • BMC PATROL for Data Integration
  • BMC PATROL for DB2
  • BMC PATROL for Docker
  • BMC PATROL for
  • BMC PATROL for Hadoop
  • BMC PATROL for IBM WebSphere Application Server
  • BMC PATROL for Informix
  • BMC PATROL for Internet Servers
  • BMC PATROL for Jboss
  • BMC PATROL for Microsoft Azure
  • BMC PATROL for Microsoft Exchange Servers
  • BMC PATROL for Microsoft SQL Server
  • BMC PATROL for MongoDB
  • BMC PATROL for Oracle
  • BMC PATROL for Oracle e-Business Suite
  • BMC PATROL for Oracle Tuxedo
  • BMC PATROL for Oracle WebLogic
  • BMC PATROL for PeopleSoft
  • BMC PATROL for Remedy AR Server
  • BMC PATROL for SAP Solutions
  • BMC PATROL for Siebel eBusiness Applications
  • BMC PATROL for Sybase
  • BMC PATROL for Tomcat AS
  • BMC Performance Manager Integration with PATROL
Automated triage and remediationBMC Atrium Orchestrator Runbooks - Triage and Remediation Note: Before downloading this component, see License entitlements for Triage and Remediation.

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