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    • Running the ANA_Populate_Enums procedure

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    Run the ANA_Populate_Enums procedure to update the enumerated values in the ANA_ALL_ENUM_VALUES table. This database procedure reads the enumerated field values from the BMC Remedy AR System ARSCHEMA table and populates the ANA_ALL_ENUM_VALUES table.

    If your application uses an overlay form, use the following command at the SQL prompt to run the program:

    • (Microsoft SQL Server) SQL>EXECUTE ARSystem.dbo.ANA_POPULATE_ENUMS

    If your application does not use an overlay form, use the following commands:


    Following is the pseudo code for the ANA_Populated_Enums procedure:

    Procedure  ANA_Populate_Enums()
      Read the data  from the arschema  table
    For each  table row {
    		        While for each <ARForm> Query  arschema table and get SchemId and overlayProp
    		If (overlayProp=0 OR overlayProp=4)    // It is consider as Base Form
    		 {     baseSchemaId= SchemId; }
    	              Else {   Query Field_Enum_Values table to get all the enum ids for a given form (base overlayschemaId)
    		   overlaySchemaId= SchemId;  }
    		For each <SchemaId> (base and overlay) get all the enumerated FieldIds  from enum_value_fields & Field
    	Join condition: field.fieldId = field_enum.fieldId and field.schemaId = field_enum.schemaId
    		} // End of For each <SchemaId>
    	For each < fieldId>
    		  if (fOverlayProp!=0) then  SchemaId= overlaySchemaId else SchemaId= baseSchemaId
    			 While for each < SchemaId >  get the VUI ID from vui table
    			  Query field_dispprop table for combination of <vuid> <SchemaId><fieldId>
                                    	    If (propShort is NULL) then strValue=propLong ELSE  strValue=propShort
    				parse the strValue and transpose the data (row to column coversion)
    				pars logic:  (refer sample string parsing example )
    					subStr= start Index (string after the  230\4) to end Index= value after 230\4 // This is the standard notation for every enumerated values
    					Tokenzie the subStr with "\" delimiter  to get the enum number and its value // Refer the sample string value section
    					Insert  the data into ANA_ALL_ENUM_VALUES // Insert all the required data as per the table design (refer table design section)
    					Query the RPT_Locale table and ger the locale value and update the ANA_ALL_ENUM_VALUES table with :
    					update ANA_ALL_ENUM_VALUES set RPT_LOCALEFLAG=1 where ANA_ALL_ENUM_VALUES.localevalue=RPT_Locale.locale
    			}// End of While for each < tSchemaId>
    		} //End of For each < fieldId>
    } // End of For each < fieldId>
    } // End of  While for each <ARForm>
    End // End of Procedure
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