This space provides information about installing, configuring, and using the BMC BladeLogic Server Automation version 8.1 product. The majority of the topics in this space are related to the installation of BMC BladeLogic Server Automation 8.1 service packs. However, the complete documentation set for the product is included as PDF attachments in PDFs.


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BMC BladeLogic Server Automation version 8.1 Service Pack 5 is now available. To review the contents of the service pack, see Service Pack 5 (8.1.05).

Where to start

For information about upgrading to BMC BladeLogic Server Automation version 8.1 Service Pack 5, see the following topics:

For information about


What is in Service Pack 5

Service Pack 5 (8.1.05)

Supported upgrade paths and overview of upgrade procedures

Supported upgrade paths

Downloading the service pack or patch files

Downloading the installation files


Upgrading to the latest service pack or patch

Performing a fresh installation

Performing a fresh installation

About BMC BladeLogic Server Automation

The BMC BladeLogic Server Automation product is a comprehensive system for the initial provisioning and ongoing automated management of data center servers. Using this system, administrators can provision operating systems onto servers and then specify how the server should be configured. BMC BladeLogic Server Automation lets administrators manage servers with a consistent user experience, regardless of whether the servers are physical or virtual. Administrators can also: 

  • View and manage server configurations
  • Deploy software, patches, and complex packages of files and other assets
  • Store configurations
  • Compare servers to detect discrepancies in their configurations
  • Measure and enforce compliance to organizational standards
  • Administer configuration changes to servers
  • Share routine server management tasks between functional teams in an organization
  • Perform many other data center automation tasks \\\\
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