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Verify that no errors occurred during the installation by reviewing the installation logs and by verifying that all the objects were installed.

To verify the installation

  1. Navigate to the following locations:
    • The current user's temporary directory (%temp%)
    • The Logs folder in the BMC Analytics installation directory (for example, C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Analytics\Logs)
  2. Review the installation logs and verify that no errors occurred.
  3. Review the following list of installed objects and ensure that all of the items were installed for your environment:

Additional optional verification tasks

The following verification tasks are optional:

  • Verify the installation directory and the sub-directories
    • Verify the default installation directory under C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BMCAnalyticsForBSM.
    • Verify the sub-directories in the installation directory. For example, BIAR, LCMBIAR, AR Form, Docs, etc.
  • Verify the BMC Analytics for BSM version using any of the following options:
    • Verify the version.txt file in the Analytics installation directory.

    • Import the Universe using the file menu and go to parameters in the Definition tab.

    • Check through the Control Panel option.

  • Verify the following out-of-the-box universe and reports
    • Log in to the Central Management System or the Universe Designer Tool and verify the out-of-the-box Universe (ITSM).
    • Log in to the Central Management System or the Universe Designer Tool and verify the out-of-the-box Connection (ITSM).
    • Log in to the Central Management System and verify the out-of-the-box Reports folder and sub-folders.
    • Verify the ITSM application folders under BMC Analytics for BSM (for example, Incident Management).
  • Log in to InfoView and verify the out-of-the-box reports
    • Access at least one or two reports from each module and refresh the data.
    • Verify the following types of hyperlinks:
      • Main Report (Summary) to the Sub-Report (Detail).
      • The (back) link to the Main Report (Summary).
    • Verify the BMC Remedy Mid-Tier link from the report.
    • Access the out-of-the-box ITSM Universe and create a sample ad-hoc report.
  • Verify the ANA:Fiscal_Calendar form (\All Objects\Forms\ANA:Fiscal_Calendar).
  • Verify the ANA_Fiscal_Calendar.def file (C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BMCAnalyticsForBSM\BSMAnalytics\ARForm\ANA_Fiscal_Calendar.def).
  • Verify BMC Analytics for BSM from BMC Remedy Mid-Tier
    • Verify the Fiscal Calendar link.
    • Verify the Analytics link.
  • Verify the BMC Analytics for BSM database objects
    • Log in to the database and verify the tables, views, procedures, functions, packages, etc. of the following objects:
      • Fiscal calendar

      • Date conversion (time-zone)

      • Denormalization

      • Enumeration

      • Report translation

      • Report locale

      • Client BOE platform

      • Analytics views

      • Index related files

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