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This topic describes changes that will occur in future releases of the products. These changes can affect the way in which you configure or run the installed versions of BMC Dashboards and BMC Analytics.

The following topics are provided.


Remedy IT Service Management Suite (Remedy ITSM Suite or Remedy Service Management) includes numerous options for a variety of service management reporting use cases. Some of the BMC customers use the following optional reporting solutions to get an insight into their Remedy ITSM data:

  • BMC Dashboards for Business Service Management
  • BMC Analytics for BSM

In addition to these reporting solutions, customers can subscribe to BMC Analytics OnDemand option from Remedy OnDemand service, which provides access to the BMC Dashboards and BMC Analytics product as a cloud service. Throughout the rest of this notice, the information described herein will also be applicable to the BMC Analytics OnDemand service.

With Remedy ITSM version 9.0 release, BMC has introduced the next generation of Remedy ITSM reporting and analytics solution called Remedy Smart Reporting. It provides a superior, in-application reporting solution. Remedy Smart Reporting is available with the release of Remedy 9 and is included with the Remedy ITSM license as well as with the Remedy OnDemand service.

Key Milestones: End of Life for BMC Dashboards and BMC Analytics

BMC is announcing end of life for BMC Dashboards and BMC Analytics products and the BMC Analytics OnDemand Service. This product has been withdrawn from any sales on December 08, 2016. However, existing customer deployments will be supported until the respective product's obsolete date as outlined below.


Product withdrawal date
(Existing customers can add capacity and renew until the date of the Projected Obsolete Date)

December 08, 2016

Product obsolete date

(Product is no longer available or supported)

March 31, 2018

March 30, 2020*

 * Product obsolete date for Analytics was revised in May 2018.

BMC Remedy ITSM Reporting Strategy

BMC will continue to invest in the new Remedy Smart Reporting solution to provide Remedy ITSM customers with a powerful, yet surprisingly easy-to-use reporting and analytics application. In addition to its stunning visualizations, the solution includes the following capabilities that enable organizations to get started quickly:

  • The ability to easily create and assemble interactive and interrelated dashboards
  • Social and collaboration capabilities that keep decisions documented in the solution
  • Over 90 out-of-the-box reports, dashboards, and key performance indicators (KPIs)

Over the next few quarters, the focus of BMC will be to further enhance Remedy Smart Reporting with additional use cases and content and continue to implement tighter integration with the Remedy ITSM solution. BMC’s goal is to work toward technology convergence so that customers have one powerful Remedy ITSM reporting and analytic solution that can provide a broad coverage of the Remedy ITSM analytics use cases.

Reasons for the change 

Customers have commented that the existing reporting options seem to be complex and have too many capabilities when focusing on the Remedy ITSM analytics, or are too simple and not flexible enough to achieve the minimum requirements of a reporting solution when using the in-app reporting solution. Additionally, BMC has found that maintaining existing separate reporting options is time consuming and limits the amount of feature enhancements that can be implemented across the solutions.

Finally, our customers are demanding a much more flexible and intuitive solution for their reporting and analytics needs that bring in similar concepts from the Remedy with Smart IT and BMC Digital Workplace (formerly MyIT) products to new analytics capabilities. A new consolidated reporting solution was required to provide the power, flexibility, and intuitiveness that our customers requested.

Frequently asked questions about product announcements

BMC Dashboards and BMC Analytics

 There is recent change to ‘Product Obsolete Date’ for BMC Analytics product and now it is extended to March 2020. Can we expect further revisions to this date?

Customers and Partners had reached out to BMC requesting additional time to adopt Remedy Smart Reporting (as well Remedy 9 in some cases). To ensure customers are able to fully adopt Remedy Smart Reporting before sunsetting existing BMC Analytics, BMC has extended product obsolete date for BMC Analytics. There are no plans to make further revisions to this date.

 There is no change to ‘Product Obsolete Date’ of Dashboards for BSM product component as part of the recent change. Is this something coming soon?

Underlying 3rd-party technology of BMC Dashboards for Business Service Management is no longer supported by the provider and BMC is deprecating the Dashboards capability on March 31, 2018, as originally communicated.

 Is there any update to BMC's strategy to support Remedy Smart Reporting and the existing reporting options such as Dashboard and Analytics which was originally published in 2015?

There are no changes to overall reporting strategy for Remedy suite as outlined earlier. BMC is on course to achieve goal of reporting technology convergence so that customers have one powerful Remedy ITSM reporting and analytics solution that can provide a broad coverage of the Remedy ITSM analytics use cases.

 Is there an overlap of Dashboards or Analytics capabilities with the new Remedy Smart Reporting solution?

There is quite a bit of overlap between the old and new solution. The Remedy Smart Reporting implementation, the new reporting solution, allows for a more powerful and intuitive experience that may not be available as organizations move toward the self-service of analytics. If we compare only Dashboards with Smart Reporting, almost every capability is available with the new solution.

 Is there an automated upgrade to the new Remedy Smart Reporting capabilities?

No. Currently, we do not support an automated way to move reports from BMC Analytics or visuals from BMC Dashboards to the new Remedy Smart Reporting solution. While you will have to recreate custom content, the new Smart Reporting has numerous out-of-the-box reports and persona-based dashboards. The reporting tool comes with a drag and drop designer capability that helps you design new reports when you need to re-create content.

 What migration services are available to help me transition from Analytics to BMC Remedy Smart Reporting?

BMC Global Services or BMC Partners can provide migration assistance as a paid for services engagement. Service engagements are entirely optional and aimed at accelerating customer adoption of Smart Reporting and content migration from Analytics and Dashboard to Smart Reporting. Please reach out to your BMC Account Manager for more details.

 We are actively considering buying licenses and rollout Analytics. What should we do? OR Should I keep my Analytics implementation going?

No. Technically, even though BMC will continue to support Dashboard and Analytics until respective product obsolete date, BMC strongly recommends customers to use Remedy Smart Reporting for any reporting needs.

 We were planning to buy additional licenses for Dashboard and Analytics. Can we do that?

Starting January 1, 2018, customers will no longer be able to purchase additional Dashboards user licenses.

In similar way, starting April 1, 2018, customers will no longer be able to purchase additional BMC Analytics user licenses.

 We are Remedy OnDemand customer. What is the approach for the BMC Analytics OnDemand service?

As mentioned above, the information and dates outlined in this announcement are also applicable for the BMC Analytics OnDemand service. The service will be offered until March 30, 2020.

 We are using Crystal Report with Remedy AR System. This Crystal Report license was procured as a part of ‘BMC Analytics – Premium’ licensing. What happens to Crystal Report integration with Remedy AR System as part of end of life for BMC Analytics?

Crystal Report integration with Remedy AR System is also withdrawn as a part of withdrawal and end of life of BMC Analytics. Additionally, the withdrawal of Crystal Report integration with Remedy AR System applies irrespective of how Crystal Report license was obtained – whether as part of ‘BMC Analytics – Premium’ license or separately (from SAP BO directly).

 My company wants to continue using Analytics. What are my options?

After March 31, 2020, BMC will cease support for BMC Analytics. You may choose to contact SAP and buy Business Objects licenses from them directly. Maintaining and updating the underlying Analytics universe for any required modifications to account for changes in the latest Remedy ITSM data structures will be the customer’s responsibility.

In this situation, you need to contact SAP BO directly for support cases, patch/fix, service packs, major/minor releases and so on. For support cases, SAP BO will consider your Analytics universe like any other custom content/source and help you with issue resolution.

 Are there any BMC Partners who can support our Analytics implementation beyond March 2020?

BMC has Partners across the globe who support different BMC products and some of them also provide product support & maintenance for BMC Analytics.

 We use Dashboards and Analytics for DEM (or previously known BSM) reporting. Will that implementation be affected?

The Remedy Smart Reporting solution is focused on solving reporting and analytics use cases for Remedy ITSM. For broader DEM or BSM reporting strategy, BMC is still looking at all options as we decide on the direction of a broader analytics platform.

 What happens to the enhancements for Dashboards and Analytics and the ideas and requests for enhancement (RFEs) that have been raised through communities or BMC Support?

Remedy Smart Reporting is the next generation reporting technology that includes many key features that the current Dashboards and Analytics does not support. Some of the RFEs requested for the existing BMC Analytics are available as out-of-the-box features with Remedy Smart Reporting. BMC will review the existing Dashboards and Analytics RFEs and ideas to validate them against current needs and will reject RFEs or ideas that are specific to the Dashboards and Analytics and have no parallel features in Remedy Smart Reporting.

Remedy Smart Reporting

 What is the additional cost to procure the Remedy Smart Reporting license?

Remedy Smart Reporting is included as a part of the Remedy ITSM 9.0 Suite as well as a part of the Remedy OnDemand subscription. Any user with an ITSM application level user license is entitled to access Remedy Smart Reporting. Hence, there is no additional license fee (or license file) required to use Remedy Smart Reporting for Remedy ITSM customers. Other users have to purchase an additional user license from 3rd-party vendor. 

 I am a licensed Remedy ITSM customer, but I only use the platform to create custom applications. Can I use the new Remedy Smart Reporting capabilities?

Remedy Smart Reporting is available to anyone who is a licensed Remedy ITSM user. It has been designed, tested, and configured to work specifically with the Remedy ITSM solution. The data model can be easily extended to personalize and customize your ITSM application. If you have an issue about a custom application, that issue would have to be reproduced using Remedy Smart Reporting with the ITSM application to receive support. 

 Can I run Remedy Smart Reporting with previous versions of Remedy ITSM?

No. Remedy Smart Reporting is introduced in Remedy version 9.0. Customers need to upgrade the entire Remedy ITSM stack to Remedy 9.0 or higher to start using the Smart Reporting solution.

 I am a Remedy OnDemand customer. Can I use the Remedy Smart Reporting functionality?

Upon implementation or upgrade to version 9.0 (or higher), Remedy Smart Reporting will be available to Remedy OnDemand customers.