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To install BMC Analytics for Business Service Management, you perform the following tasks:

Before you begin

Perform the following tasks before you begin installing the product:

Permissions and access requirements for BMC Analytics for BSM installation

Note the following permissions and access requirements for installing BMC Analytics for BSM:

  • Oracle and Microsoft SQL database—The user must have database grant privileges to connect to the databases and to create, alter, and execute tables, views, procedures, and functions at the database level. For more information, see Preparing your Oracle database before you install the AR System server or Preparing your Microsoft SQL Server database before you install the AR System server.
  • BMC Remedy AR System server—Any BMC Remedy AR System user with administrator rights and who can access BMC Remedy Developer Studio and has the rights to import BMC Remedy AR System forms. Also, you must have administrative rights to import the modified Fiscal Calendar .def file in BMC Remedy AR System. If you are using the Server Group option, you must provide the Primary AR System Server details to load this .def file.


    To use the procedure for modifying the Fiscal Calendar view, the Database User must have the CREATE VIEW rights.Otherwise, the procedure fails and the new column defined in the Fiscal Calendar cannot be modified.

  • SAP BusinessObjects—Any user who is a part of the Administrator group.
  • Universe Designer tool—Any user who is a part of the Universe Designer group.


BMC recommends the following for the BMC Analytics for BSM installation:

  • Install BMC Analytics for BSM using a Live ITSM database.
  • After the installation is complete, make sure that you replicate the database immediately. For more information, see  BMC Analytics for BSM with a replicated BMC Remedy AR System database
  • Make sure that you use the Installation worksheet to collect the required information for BMC Analytics for BSM installation.
  • Install BMC Analytics for BSM on the same computer where you have installed the SAP BusinessObjects server. For UNIX, install BMC Analytics for BSM with the same user name that you have used to install SAP BusinessObjects.
  • Do not install BMC Analytics for BSM from a shared directory.
  • Do not delete out-of-the-box universe and reports.

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