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Use the information in this topic to install the BMC Analytics for BSM universes and reports on the same host as the SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise server.

Ensure that you have completed the tasks in Performing the installation.

To install the universe and reports

  1. After extracting the files that you downloaded from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) web page, start the installation program:
    • (Microsoft Windows) Double-click setup.cmd.
    • (UNIX or Linux) Run ./
  2. Complete the installation wizard pages by using the instructions and values provided on the installation worksheet.

    If the product detects an earlier version of the universe or reports, you receive a warning saying that the universe, database connection, and reports will be overwritten.

    If you have already recorded your customizations to the reports and universe, or if you use a linked universe, click Next and proceed to the next step. If you have not yet recorded your customizations and you do not use a linked universe, click Cancel to cancel the installation. Record your customizations and then restart the installation.

    The installation performs the following tasks:
    • Copies files to the destination directory that you specified
    • Imports universes and report definitions into the CMS
    • Creates database tables or views, procedures, functions, or packages, and populates tables in the AR System Live or Replicated database as per the requirements
    • Copies the .gif files to the Images folder where you installed SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise (for example, C:\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise\Images)
    • If you selected BMC Atrium Single Sign-On authentication, creates the service BSMAnalytics Tomcat server
    • If you are upgrading and using a linked universe, overwrites the default universe and re-establishes a link to the linked universe
  3. After the installation is completed, click Next.

    The confirmation page appears and notifies you of the installation completion status. View the log to find out more information about a failed installation.

    If you installed using BMC Atrium Single Sign-On authentication, the URL for the BI launch pad appears on this page. The URL that appears is
    http://<fullyQualifiedBusinessObjectsHostName>:<port>/logon/ If you installed using SAP BusinessObjects authentication, the BI launch pad URL is not displayed.
  4. Click Done to exit the installation wizard.

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