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This section contains procedures and reference information useful to product administrators.

The following topics are included:

Administrative tasks

Depending on the data source that you use, your administrative tasks might vary. Use the following table as a guide.

Data source

Administrative task


BMC Remedy AR System

Update report time zones.

Updating report time zones

BMC Remedy AR System

Customize the universe.

Customizing the linked universe

BMC Remedy AR System

Migrate customized reports or universe.

Migrating customized universe or reports

BMC Remedy AR System

Add conditions to a subreport.

Adding a condition to a subreport

BMC Remedy AR System

Update business service model relationships.


BMC Remedy AR System

Update enumerated values.

Storing and updating enumerated values


Create a copy of the universe.

Creating a copy of the universe


Back up the universe and reports using the Lifecycle Management Tool.

Backing up the universe and reports using the Lifecycle Management Tool


Modify the installation.

Modifying the installation


Repopulate the fiscal calendar table.

Repopulating the fiscal calendar table

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Configuring after installation