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“Moviri Integrator for TrueSight Capacity Optimization – Cloudera” is an additional component of BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization product. It allows extracting data from Cloudera Enterprise, which is Cloudera Hadoop distribution composed of CDH (Cloudera Data Hub) and Cloudera Manager.  Relevant capacity metrics are loaded into BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization, which provides advanced analytics over the extracted data in the form of an interactive dashboard, the Hadoop View.

The integration supports the extraction of both performance and configuration data across different component of CDH and can be configured via parameters that allow entity filtering and many other settings. Furthermore the connector is able to replicate relationships and logical dependencies among entities such as clusters, resource pools, services and nodes.

The documentation is targeted at BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization administrators, in charge of configuring and monitoring the integration between BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization and Cloudera.


Supported versions of data source software

  • Supported Cloudera Data Hub and Cloudera Manager versions: 5.1 to 5.8
  • The integration supports both Cloudera Manager bundled in Cloudera Enterprise and Cloudera Express products

Supported configurations of data source software

Moviri – Cloudera Extractor requires Cloudera Manager is continuously and correctly monitoring the various entities supported by the integration, full list available below. Any lack in meeting this requirement will cause lack in data coverage.


Downloading the additional package

ETL Module is made available in the form of an additional component, which you may download from BMC electronic distribution site (EPD) or retrieve from your content media.

Installing the additional package

 To install the connector in the form of a TrueSight Capacity Optimization additional package, refer to Performing system maintenance tasks instructions.


Datasource Check and Configuration

Preparing to connect to the data source software

The connector included in "Moviri Integrator for TrueSight Capacity Optimization – Cloudera" use the Cloudera Java API v6 to communicate with Cloudera Manager. This is always enabled and no additional configuration is required.
Please note that only SELECT statements are used by the connector, preventing any accidental change to the environments.
The connector requires a read-only user with permissions on all the clusters that should be accessed.

Connector configuration attributes

The following table shows specific properties of the connector, all the other generic properties are documented here.

Property Name

Value Type




Cloudera Manager Connection





Cloudera server hostname

Cloudera PortNumberYes7180Cloudera connection port
Spark PortNumberYes18080Spark connection port
UserStringYes Username
PasswordStringYes Password
Connection TimeoutNumberNo20Connection timeout in seconds
Use Encryption (TLS)BooleanYesfalseUse encryption
Ignore certificate validationBooleanYesfalseIgnore validation of TLS certificate
Ignore common name validationBooleanYesfalseIgnore validation of TLS common name
Warn if version is unsupportedBooleanYesfalseWarn in the event the Cloudera Manager version is unsupported

Data Selection

Data GranularityMultipleYes10 minutesGranularity of data to be imported

Import nodes




Import data at node level

Import pools




Import data at pool level

Import hbaseBooleanYestrueImport data about HBASE service
Import sparkBooleanYestrueImport data about Spark service
Substitute any dot char in pools names with this charCharNo-Because of the dot is a special char for the Loader component, it's suggested to change it

Time Interval Settings

Default Last Counter (YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS Z)DateYes Default last counter value
Relocate data to timezone (e.g. America/New_York, leave empty to use BCO timezone)StringNo Timezone to which relocate any imported sample

Limit extraction to date (YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS)




Maximum date to be considered while extracting data

Max days to import in a single run (0 for no limit)




Maximum days to collect in a single ETL run

The following image shows the list of options in the ETL configuration menu, with also the advanced entries.

Supported entities

The following entities are supported:

  • Hadoop Cluster
  • Hadoop Resource Pool
  • Hadoop Node

In addition to standard system performance metrics, data related to the following Hadoop specific services is gathered:

  • HDFS
  • YARN


The connector is able to replicate relationships and logical dependencies among these entities. In particular all the available Clusters are attached to the root of the hierarchy and each Cluster contains its own Nodes and Pools.

Services' data is available among the above entities' metrics, according to the following table.






Pool X  X


For ETL troubleshooting, please refer to official BMC documentation available here.

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