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BMC Remedy ITSM Suite, BMC Service Request Management

A unit of work that must be completed as a step in implementing a change request, an incident request, or a problem investigation. In the BMC Remedy Incident Management and BMC Remedy Change Management applications, you can also group a number of activities for requests with a number of actions that must be completed before the requests can be resolved. Your administrator creates task templates and task-group templates that you can reuse for the same types of requests. Tasks can be automatic or manual. See also ad hoc task and automatic task.

BMC Performance Manager

A command or group of commands that can run on one object or on several objects simultaneously. A task runs in the background and is not part of the PATROL Agent run queue. A task icon is displayed for each running task.

BMC Remedy AR System

A shortcut or link created in BMC Remedy User to enable users to quickly open a specific form, a search, an application, or an active-link guide.