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In BMC Atrium Discovery, the stages from when an entity comes into existence to when it no longer exists. For nodes in the BMC Atrium Discovery model, the following are the lifecycle stages:

  • Current—Describes nodes that exist in the model and that BMC Atrium Discovery has detected.
  • Aging—Describes nodes that exist in the model. However, BMC Atrium Discovery has not detected these nodes within a defined period of time, and they have "aged out" of the model. (BMC Atrium Discovery does not always age entities that it cannot identify over a period of time.)
  • Destroyed—Describes nodes that have been marked as destroyed, yet remain in the model.
  • Purged—Describes destroyed nodes that have been purged from the model. Purging a node indicates that it no longer exists in the model and has been removed from the datastore.