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BMC Atrium Core

A set of a particular type of reconciliation definition that is referenced by an activity. See also Precedence group, Qualification group, and Workflow Execution group.

BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management

A logical or an arbitrary collection of user-defined objects that might or might not have measurable relationships and might or might not have summary data associated with them.

BMC Remedy AR System

A category in BMC Remedy AR System used to define user access to form fields and functions. BMC Remedy AR System defines several special groups: Public, Administrator, Sub Administrator, Customize, Submitter, Assignee, and Assignee Group. You can define additional groups through the Group form. See also access controlcomputed group, dynamic group, explicit group, implicit group, permission, role, and user.

BMC Server Automation

A collection of system objects or references to system objects. In groups, system objects are not necessarily unique; the same object can occur in more than one group.