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BMC Atrium Core

Metadata in BMC Atrium CMDB that defines a type of object, usually a configuration item (CI) or relationship. Either of these types of class can store data as a regular class, categorization class, abstract class, or abstract class with data replication. You can also apply the final class and singleton class options to a CI.

BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management

  • A data storage element. In database terms, a class relates to a table in a database or a form in the Remedy AR System.
  • A BAROC-language data structure that defines a type of object used by the cell. A BAROC class is made up of data fields, called slots, that define the properties of the class.

BMC Performance Manager

The object classification in BMC PATROL where global attributes can be defined. The attributes are then inherited by instances of the class. An instance belongs to a computer class or an application class. See also application class, computer class, and event class.