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BMC Atrium Orchestrator

A name/value pair associated with an XML element.

BMC Atrium Core and BMC Remedy ITSM Suite

A property or characteristic of a class, such as the IP address of a computer system. An attribute equates to a column on a database table or a field on a BMC Remedy AR System form.

BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management

A characteristic or property of an object, such as a common-data-model service-model component class. An attribute might contain a value.

BMC Performance Manager

A characteristic that is assigned to a BMC PATROL object (computer class, computer instance, application class, application instance, or parameter) and that you can use to monitor and manage that object. Computers and applications can have attributes such as command type, parameter, menu command, InfoBox command, BMC PATROL setup command, state change action, or environment variable. Parameters can have attributes such as scheduling, command type, and thresholds. An attribute can be defined globally for all instances of a class or locally for a particular computer or application instance. An instance inherits attributes from a class; however, an attribute defined at the instance level overrides inherited attributes. See also local level.

BMC Server Automation

A characteristic of a BLPackage.