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BMC AppSight for Java EE

The result of trigger thresholds defined in the Recording Profile. Alerts can be viewed and filtered on the Alerts tab on the Information pane.

BMC AppSight for Windows

A combination of conditioned operations and a follow-up action. The alert's condition and related action are specific to an operation.

BMC Performance Assurance

In the Investigate component, a customizable method to monitor and act on the condition of specific metrics on select agent computers. Alerts can be added at the computer, domain, or policy level. They can be grouped into sets, and they can contain filters and conditions. An alert can be configured so that when it asserts (when the condition threshold is met), the alert triggers a mail, script, or SNMP trap action.

BMC Remedy AR System and BMC Remedy ITSM Suite

A message from an AR System server or other program to notify a user that a certain event, such as a request being submitted or progress being made in resolving a request, has occurred. You can use BMC Remedy Alert, an optional Microsoft Windows program, to notify users when they receive alerts.