In BMC Performance Manager, the GUI from which you launch commands and manage the environment monitored by BMC PATROL. The PATROL Console displays all of the monitored computer instances and application instances as icons. It also interacts with the PATROL Agent and runs commands and tasks on each monitored computer. The dialogue is event-driven so that messages reach the PATROL Console only when a specific event causes a state change on the monitored computer.

A PATROL Console with developer functionality can perform the following activities:

  • Monitor and manage computer instances, application instances, and parameters
  • Customize, create, and delete locally loaded Knowledge Modules (KMs) and commit the changes to selected PATROL Agent computers
  • Add, modify, or delete event classes and commands in the Standard Event Catalog
  • Define expert advice

A PATROL Console with operator functionality can monitor and manage computer instances, application instances, and parameters and can view expert advice, but it cannot customize or create KMs, commands, or parameters.

See also developer mode and operator mode.

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