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BMC Virtual Agent is a help-desk chat tool used by support agents and self-service users. This tool provides an animated virtual support agent that uses artificial intelligence to resolve customer issues. BMC Virtual Agent integrates with existing knowledge repositories including company portals, Microsoft SharePoint sites, external support sites, and knowledge bases.

Users access the Self Service Portal from a browser and start a session by asking the virtual agent a question. The virtual agent uses a natural conversation engine to communicate with the user and searches various knowledge repositories to provide an answer. The user can request a live agent at any time. The entire chat history is retained and transferred to the live agent, preserving the chat history.

Support agents use the Support Agent Console to participate in live chats with users. Each agent can chat with up to four users concurrently. Support agents chat with users to resolve issues and use additional tools, such as question scripts, to expedite problem resolution. Support agents can also use the Collaboration Portal, where they can join group chat rooms to get assistance from other agents.  

BMC Virtual Agent also provides the following features:

  • Incident integration—Open and closed chat sessions can automatically be converted to incidents with the entire chat history logged in the ticket.
  • Automatic language translation—Support agents and users can chat in their respective languages. Answers from the virtual and live agents are automatically translated.
  • Multiperson chat—Subject-matter experts and other agents can join an existing chat session to expedite resolution time.
  • Reporting—Key performance indicators (KPIs) and return on investment (ROI) metrics are recorded and are available in the reporting console.