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Commonly referred to as the TS-4200 Series, these hardware appliances can include the Real End User Monitor, Real User Collector, or Application Performance Monitoring Central components installed on the Dell PowerEdge R720.

  • The BMC TrueSight Real User Monitor 4200 Series appliance includes the necessary operating system and licensed software to run as a stand-alone appliance, or you can access it from an Application Management Console. The Real User Monitor provides the features and functionality of the Real User Collector and Real User Analyzer components.

    When configured with the Application Performance Monitoring component, the appliance also includes the BMC Application Management Console and Performance Analytics Engine (PAE).
  • The BMC Real End User Experience Hardware Collector 4200 Series appliance is often used as a hardware collector to provide data to virtual Real User Analyzers in remote or high-security data centers that prohibit a tap or span port.