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The BMC Server Automation product is a comprehensive system for the initial provisioning and ongoing automated management of data-center servers. Using this system, administrators can provision operating systems onto servers and then specify how the servers should be configured. BMC Server Automation lets administrators manage servers with a consistent user experience, regardless of whether the servers are physical or virtual. Administrators can also perform all of the following actions:  

  • View and manage server configurations
  • Deploy software, patches, and complex packages of files and other assets
  • Store configurations
  • Compare servers to detect discrepancies in their configurations
  • Measure and enforce compliance to organizational standards
  • Administer configuration changes to servers
  • Share routine server-management tasks between functional teams in an organization
  • Perform many other data-center automation tasks


In versions earlier than 8.5.00, this product was known as BMC BladeLogic Server Automation.