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The Partition page in the KVM Data Explorer view shows the behavior of partition-specific metrics.

To access this page, in the TrueSight console, select Capacity Views > Virtualization > KVM > Data Explorer > Virtual Machine.

From the Host filter, select the required host and from VM filter, select the required VM . In addition, you can other filtering options to filter the data according to your requirement. For more information, see Using filtering options in views in the TrueSight console. The metrics are categorized based on different profiles and are grouped under separate tabs. Click a tab to view the charts for that profile.

 The VM Profile tab under KVM > Data Explorer displays the following charts in the Virtual Machine view:

Chart Title Metrics Associated 
Virtual & Physical CPU Utilization
  • Partition Virtual CPU Utilization: CPU_UTIL
  • Partition Physical CPU Utilization: (Partition CPU_UTIL x Partition CPU_NUM) / Host CPU_NUM
Processors Configured
  • Host: CPU_NUM
  • Host: LCPU_NUM
  • Partition: CPU_NUM
Memory Usage
  • Partition: TOTAL_REAL_MEM
  • Partition: MEM_CONSUMED
Disk I/O RatePartition: DISK_TRANSFER_RATE
Network I/O RatePartition: NET_BIT_RATE

The following image shows an example of the VM Profile tab displaying charts in the Virtual Machine view: