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TrueSight Capacity Optimization consists of several components that provide features required to accomplish specific tasks.

Accessing and navigating the TrueSight Capacity Optimization console

TrueSight Capacity Optimization console is a robust and seamlessly integrated web-based management application that enables you to access the functionality from a single location. The user interface includes various controls and functions that enable you to access all types of organizational and infrastructural capacity management and planning functions.

Accessing and navigating the TrueSight console

TrueSight console, which is hosted on the Presentation Server, is the primary user interface for capacity views. From this console, you can view all out-of-the-box infrastructure views and also build custom views that are tailored to different organizational roles, or to specific services and applications.

Using views to analyze infrastructure and virtual data

TrueSight Capacity Optimization provides visibility into the capacity utilization and size of the IT infrastructure in a physical, virtual and cloud, databases, storage, networks, and virtually any domain.

Reserving capacity for upcoming servicesTrueSight Capacity Optimization console enables you to reserve capacity for a target type. This feature helps you make reservation-aware decisions to address capacity saturation and onboarding scenarios in the future.
Creating virtualization studies to assess VM capacity requirements

TrueSight Capacity Optimization console equips you with a Virtual Planner to perform virtualization studies. You can create such studies to assess your existing virtual environment in the context of business goals, and view the results in the form of simple graphs and charts.


Viewing report groups and report resultsTrueSight Capacity Optimization console enables you to browse stored reports and run queries on the performance and load of existing domains.
Managing and analyzing data from your workspaceTrueSight Capacity Optimization console provides you with a workspace screen from where you can manage systems, business drivers, their hierarchy, and metrics. You can also create analyses and models from the workspace. You can create and schedule reports.  

TrueSight Capacity Optimization Perceiver is an optional web user interface that provides data visualization capabilities. In most deployment scenarios, TrueSight Capacity Optimization console provides all the required data visualization capabilities.


TrueSight Capacity Optimization Perceiver is included in the TrueSight Capacity Optimization solution to facilitate a smooth transition from Performance Assurance and Capacity Optimization Extended Edition solutions.
AnalyzeAnalyze processes operating system and applications data from multiple systems and creates a multiple workload representation of the activities on such a distributed system. Such a representation of the system and the activities on it is called a system performance model.

Predict calculates response times, throughput, and other key metrics, and creates Visualizer input files for system metrics

VisualizerVisualizer bring capacity planning and management reporting tools to the desktop for instant accessibility. You could be sitting at your desk in Portland, Oregon working with databases on servers in Portland, Maine. While the corporate goal might be uniformity of clients and servers, the reality is that you often have to take the most expedient route. More than likely, you work with a mix of databases from different vendors.

TrueSight Capacity Optimization Investigate provides you real-time access to capacity and performance data. You can use this component to analyze performance of your system in real-time.