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You can perform a direct upgrade of the Gateway Server component by running the installation program from the wizard-based UI or from a command line, also known as silent mode. When upgrading from a version of the product prior to the last two releases, you must perform at least one interim upgrade before you can perform a direct upgrade. 

Use the information in this topic to determine your pre-upgrade activities and the installation process and mode for your environment.

Before you begin

Supported upgrade paths for Gateway Server

The installation program for the Gateway Server supports direct upgrades from the latest two versions of the product. To upgrade from earlier versions of the product requires that you perform a phased upgrade approach, as shown in the following illustration:



Overview of the upgrade process

The following diagrams provide a high-level overview of the end-to-end upgrade process. Each step in the process also includes a link to the corresponding documentation.

 Upgrade process overview for TrueSight Capacity Optimization...

Recommended upgrade process for small/medium environment


Recommended upgrade process for medium/large environment

Upgrade large environment

Wizard-based upgrade process by operating system

Wizard-based installation on Windows

Wizard-based installation on UNIX or Linux

Silent-mode upgrade process by operating system