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    When upgrading the TrueSight Capacity Optimization product and migrating data, BMC recommends that you follow the upgrade order and best practices outlined in this section. Before attempting alternate upgrade processes, contact BMC Customer Support. You must upgrade all servers and their components. You cannot run the product with mixed versions of its components.

    Each of the boxes in the upgrade process diagram links to the corresponding topic. The table that follows the diagrams provides additional details and resources for each step.

    Recommended upgrade process for small/medium environment


    Recommended upgrade process for medium/large environment

    Upgrade large environment

    Prepare to upgrade
    1Review the release notes.Review the release notes for any changes to system requirements. Release notes and notices
    2Prepare for the upgradePrepare for the upgrade.
    Perform the upgrade
    3Upgrade the Application Server components.

    Upgrade the Application Server components.

    • Small/medium environment: Upgrade all/selected components of the Application Server on the same computer.
    • Medium/large: Upgrade components of the Application Server on separate computers.

    Performing the Application Server components upgrade

    4Upgrade the Application Server components on additional computers.

    Upgrade the Application Server components on additional computers:

    • Small/medium environment: Upgrade ETL Engine Server on additional computers.
    • Medium/large: Upgrade ETL Engine Server and other components of the Application Server on additional computers.



    Upgrading Application Server components on additional computers
    5Upgrade the TrueSight Presentation Server.
    • Install Atrium Single Sign-On and Presentation Server (if not installed).
    • If the TrueSight Presentation Server is installed with an earlier version of the TrueSight Capacity Optimization, upgrade it now.
    6Upgrade the Gateway Server.Upgrade the Gateway Server.
    7Upgrade the Capacity Agent.

    Upgrade the Capacity Agents on the target systems.

    The installation program for the TrueSight Capacity Optimization Capacity Agent supports direct upgrades from the 9.5 version or later versions of the product. If you are using versions earlier than 9.5 of the Capacity Agent and you want to upgrade to latest the version, it is recommended that you uninstall the current version of Capacity Agent and install the latest version.

    You can continue to use earlier version (9.5-10.5) without upgrading to the latest version.

    Configure after upgrade
    8Update user authentication

     Update user authentication to use Atrium Single Sign-On if you want to use capacity views in the TrueSight console.

    Updating user authentication
    9Update Capacity Optimization Plug-in 

    Update the Capacity Optimization Plug-in and register the plug-in with the Presentation Server.

    Reinstalling the Capacity Optimization plugin

    10Upgrade capacity views

    Upgrade capacity views.


    Upgrading capacity views
    11Migrate Manager RunsMigrates the Manager runs.