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The upgrade order recommended in this topic is applicable only if you have legacy components (Perceiver and Visualizer) installed in your environment and you want to continue to use them after you upgrade to the latest version. This order works best to prevent compatibility problems and loss or degradation of functionality during the upgrade process:


For Database schema migration, it is strongly recommended that you run the schema migration (dbmigrate) before data is populated into the Visualizer database by the upgraded console version. If the dbmigrate step isn't run when the Visualizer file created by the new console is populated into the database, any new fields added to the schema by the new release will be dropped and not imported into the database.


  1. Run the dbmigrate utility on the Visualizer system to migrate the database schema.

    The dbmigrate utility adds new columns to existing tables or changes the widths of existing columns, preparing them for data population according to the updated schema. Running this utility migrates the schema but does not migrate the data from the schema to the updated schema.

  2. Gateway Server
    For more information, see Upgrading the Gateway Server and Performing the Gateway Server upgrade on Linux.
  3. Gateway Server Agents
    For more information, see Performing the Capacity Agent upgrade on Windows and Upgrading the Agent on UNIX and Linux.
  4. (Optional) Visualizer database migration
    For more information, see Migrating the Visualizer database schema and Manager runs.


    Planning for visualizer database migration is required only when you are upgrading from visualizer database schema 7.5 or earlier versions.

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