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This topic describes the third-party products required for the TrueSight Capacity Optimization product installation. 

Oracle client

Oracle Call Interface must be deployed on the Application Server and on the local ETL Engine Server for TrueSight Capacity Optimization to connect with the Oracle database.

Following is the list of supported Oracle clients:

  • Oracle Net
  • Oracle Database Utilities
  • Oracle JDBC/THIN Interfaces
  • SQL*Plus
  • Oracle Call Interfaces

For the more details, see Supported Oracle Clients.

Java support

TrueSight Capacity Optimization supports JRE 1.8.0_101, which the installation program installs.

Front-end web server support

The following front-end web servers are supported:

  • IBM HTTP Server v.7: You can install an optional component, to substitute for the automatically installed Apache web server. 

For more information, see Installing a front-end web server.

Adobe Reader requirement

Adobe Reader is required to view and print the product documentation in PDF format. To download a free copy of Adobe Reader, visit the Adobe website: