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The Standalone views enable a system administrator to manage the capacity and performance of two kinds of systems:

  • UNIX or Windows machines running directly on hardware, with agent data collection. These systems appear as ‘generic’ type in TrueSight Capacity Optimization.
  • Windows or Linux virtual machines that have agent data collection from inside the Virtual Machine. These systems appear as ‘virtual node’ type in TrueSight Capacity Optimization.


Certain metrics are required for these views. If those metrics are not being imported into the TrueSight Capacity Optimization Data Warehouse, then corresponding columns will be blank. Particularly for Data Explorer views for this platform, a large number of metrics are required, otherwise some of the charts will not be available.

The core metrics reported in these views, such as CPU, Memory and Storage Utilization, Disk I/O and Network Rate, are similar to the ones reported in other views.

For more information on standalone views, see: