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The Process Runner taskexecutes external programs from the BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization scheduler. You can schedule a set of commands for execution, configuring them in lists of commands. This task can then be scheduled and executed like other tasks.

Example of ProcessRunner task

Execution configuration

Navigate to Administration > ETL & SYSTEM TASKS > System tasks and in the working area on the right, click the appropriate name (with the Type as ProcessRunner) available in the System tasks table. In the Run configurations table, click Edit  to edit the configuration details. In the Process runner execution configuration tab, in addition to general settings such as name, environment and description, you can edit the following properties:

  • Process name list: A semicolon separated list of processes, for example process1;process2.

For each command list name, the following configuration parameters are available:

  • Command: The command to execute.
  • Notify on error: Select yes or no depending on whether you want a notification to be sent on the occurrence of an error in the external process executed by this task. If you select yes, then an email notification is sent to the configured users.
  • Number of parameters for sleep: The number of parameters needed for the process; an arbitrary number of parameters can be configured.
  • Parameter values for sleep: Values of all the required parameters.

Process Runner task - execution configuration