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This topic describes the OpenStack API from the Ceilometer (also known as Telemetry) module to collect metrics for instances (guest machines) as well as hosts. The Ceilometer module collects configuration and performance metrics data for the OpenStack cloud platform that can be used for capacity planning. Ceilometer collects data by monitoring notifications sent from services, or by polling the infrastructure. This data, in turn, can by accessed by the REST API.

Collecting Ceilometer data from OpenStack

It is recommended that you install the Ceilometer module in OpenStack, even though it is an optional module. You must configure Ceilometer data collection as part of the OpenStack ETL configuration to extract metrics collected by the Ceilometer monitoring infrastructure, .

For instance, you can leverage the connector to Ceilometer API for collecting monitoring data (for example, for KVM) without connecting to another source of performance or capacity data or without deploying other BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization Agents.

The OpenStack ETL configuration also allows you to select individual platforms for which to collect the Ceilometer metrics data. For example, you can select KVM, but not VMware, effectively collecting Ceilometric data only for KVM and not VMware.

Even if you disable Ceilometer collection in the ETL configuration, the non-Ceilometer metrics are collected.


You can use any other sources of performance data from the underlying hypervisors, which might be KVM hosts, VMware, or any other platform. BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization already provides other connectors for these data sources. In this case, you do not need to enable Ceilometer data collection in ETL configuration.

Metrics for host machines that are imported into BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization

The following configuration and performance metrics for host machines are imported into TrueSight Capacity Optimization:

Ceilometer metricCapacity Optimization metricHypervisor



KVM, VMware



KVM, VMware



KVM, VMware



KVM, VMware



KVM, VMware



KVM, VMware


To collect certain metrics using Ceilometer, you must set specific configuration options in OpenStack. For example, to get host CPU measurements, you need to set the compute_monitors option to cpu.virt_driver in the nova.conf configuration file. For more information, see . These details do change with new versions of Ceilometer.

Metrics for guest machines that are imported into BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization

The following configuration and performance metrics for guest machines are imported into BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization:

Ceilometer metricCapacity Optimization metricHypervisor
cpu_utilCPU_UTILKVM, VMware
instanceUPTIMEKVM, VMware
disk.write.requests.rateDISK_IO_WRITE_RATEKVM, VMware, VMware
disk.write.bytes.rateDISK_WRITE_RATEKVM, VMware
disk.root.sizeBYDISK_SIZE (for root subresource)KVM, VMware
disk.ephemeral.sizeBYDISK_SIZE (for ephemeral subresource)KVM, VMware


network.outgoing.bytes.rateBYIF_OUT_BYTE_RATEKVM, VMware
network.incoming.packets.rateBYIF_IN_PKT_RATEKVM, VMware
network.outgoing.packets.rateBYIF_OUT_PKT_RATEKVM, VMware

For a complete list of metrics available from Ceilometer, see .

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