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The LDOM Host page in the Solaris Data Explorer view shows the behavior of metrics that are specific to a LDOM host.

To access this page, in the TrueSight console, click Capacity Views > Virtualization > Solaris > Data Explorer. Click the LDOM Host tab to view the LDOM Host page.

From the Host filter, select the host that you want to view data for. 

You can filter out the data based on other filtering options too. For more information, see Using filtering options in views in the TrueSight console.

The metrics are categorized based on different profiles and are grouped under separate tabs. Click a tab to view the charts for that profile.

CPU Profile

This page displays a set of charts and a table with system hardware configuration details.

Chart title Associated metrics
Processors Configured
  • Physical cores: CPU_NUM (line chart) 
  • Configured cores: For each Partition: CPU_NUM (stack chart)
CPU Utilization
  • CPU Physical Used %: Host CPU_UTIL 
  • CPU Domain Used Average %: AVG (Domain CPU_UTIL)
CPU Capacity Usage - Spec Rating
Virtual CPU Utilization - Top 10 DomainsTop 10 Domain: CPU_UTIL (line chart) 
Physical CPU Utilization - Top 10 Domains
  • For each Domain Physical CPU Capacity Used: (Domain CPU_UTIL x Domain CPU_NUM) / Host CPU_NUM (stack chart)
  • Host: CPU_UTIL (line chart)
CPU Queue Length - Top 10 DomainsDomain: CPU_RUN_QUEUE / CPU_NUM (line chart)
System Hardware Configuration
  • System model: HW_MODEL 
  • Processor model: CPU_MODEL 
  • Processor clock rate [GHz]: CPU_MHZ 
  • Configured processors: CPU_NUM 
  • Threads/core: CPU_THREADS_PER_CORE 
  • Cores/socket
  • CPU cores/socket: CPU_CORES_PER_SOCKET 
  • Multi-threading type: CPU_MT_TYPE 
  • Memory configured: TOTAL_REAL_MEM 
  • Timestamp


Memory Profile

Chart title Associated metrics
Memory Configured - Top 10 Domains
  • Host:TOTAL_REAL_MEM (line chart)
  • For Each Domain: TOTAL_REAL_MEM (stack chart)
Memory Usage
  • Total Memory: TOTAL_REAL_MEM 
  • Memory Used: MEM_CONSUMED 
  • Real Memory Used: MEM_REAL_CONSUMED
Memory Utilization
  • Memory Utilization %:  MEM_UTIL 
  • Real Memory Utilization %: MEM_REAL_UTIL
Real Memory Utilization - Top 10 DomainsTop 10 Domain MEM_REAL_UTIL (line chart)
Paging Rate - Top 10 DomainsTop 10 Domain DISK_PAGING_IO_RATE
Page Scan Rate - Top 10 DomainsTop 10 Domain MEM_PAGE_SCAN_RATE


Disk & Network Profile

Chart title Associated metrics
Disk I/O RateDISK_TRANSFER_RATE (line chart)
Disk I/O Rate - Top 10 DomainsTop 10 Domain DISK_TRANSFER_RATE  (Line chart) 
File System Utilization - Top 10 DomainsTop 10 Domain TOTAL_FS_UTIL (Line chart) 
Network I/O RateNET_BIT_RATE (Line chart)
Network I/O Rate - Top 10 DomainsTop 10 Domain NET_BIT_RATE (Line chart)