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Before users can access the Views in the TrueSight console, you must install the Capacity Optimization plugin:

  • If you are installing the Capacity Optimization plugin for the first time, follow the instructions in this topic.
  • If you have already installed the Capacity Optimization plugin, reinstall the plugin after you upgrade the Presentation Server. To update the reinstall the plugin, see Reinstalling the Capacity Optimization plugin.

To enable the users to access and use the views in the TrueSight console after installing the Presentation Server, complete the following steps to install the Capacity Optimization plugin:


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 Installation process overview for TrueSight Capacity Optimization...

The following flow diagram shows the end-to-end installation and configuration process for the TrueSight Capacity Optimization product. If you have not completed a prerequisite task, click the corresponding box in the process flow diagram.

Recommended installation process for small/medium environment

Install workflow

Recommended installation process for medium/large environment

Install mediumlarge environment

Before you begin

  • You must be logged on to a TrueSight Capacity Optimization console with a user account that has been assigned a role that includes access to the Administration tab, such as the ADMIN role. 
  • You must have successfully completed the planning, installation, and verification tasks defined for the following components: 
  • Ensure that you have configured TrueSight Capacity Optimization with Atrium Single Sign-On. For more information, see Configuring user authentication
  • Verify that the Presentation Server computer can ping the TrueSight Capacity Optimization datahub computer. Otherwise, you get the following error in the Presentation Server: Registration Error - Capacity Optimization component registration is failed due to internal errors.

To download and install the Capacity Optimization plugin

  1. In the TrueSight Capacity Optimization console, select Administration > VIEWS > Views. 
  2. In the Views page, under Plugin for TrueSight console, click Download plugin
  3. Copy the plugin zip file to the computer where TrueSight Presentation Server is installed.
  4. Install the Capacity Optimization plugin:
    1. Open a command prompt and go to the root folder of the Presentation Server installation.
    2. Navigate to the bin directory and run the tssh utility to install the plugin.

      Operating systemCommand
      Linuxnohup ./tssh componenttype add <path>/
      Windowstssh componenttype add <path>/


      <path> refers to the location where the plugin file is saved.

  5. The tssh command installs the plugin and restarts the Presentation Server.
  6. When the TrueSight Presentation restarts, log on and add the Capacity Optimization component.

To add the Capacity Optimization component to the Presentation Server

  1. In the TrueSight console, click Administration > Components.
  2. In the Components page, select the action menu next to Components, and select Add Component.

  3. For the component type, select Capacity Optimization.

  4. Enter a valid Host Name or IP Address.


    If the "Invalid Host Name or IP Address" message appears, re-enter a valid name or address. The name or address cannot start or end with a dash ( - ), cannot contain any spaces, or exceed 63 characters.

  5. Select the Protocol as HTTPS or HTTP. The default is HTTPS. 
  6. Accept the Port default value (8280).

  7. Accept BmcRealm as the default tenant, or select any of the listed tenants. The list includes each tenant defined in the Atrium Single Sign-On system.

  8. Click Save.

    The Capacity Optimization component is added and is listed in the Components page.

    The Capacity Views folder is available in the left navigation pane of the console. You can start accessing the views.


    If Atrium Single Sign-On is not configured correctly with TrueSight Capacity Optimization, you get the following error when you try to access a capacity view: BCO_PS_ERR102: Unauthorized: Capacity Optimization access is denied, check your Atrium Single Sign On configuration.

    For information about configuring Atrium Single Sign-On with Capacity Optimization, see Configuring user authentication.

Where to go from here

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