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This topic describes the steps to create an ETL module that needs to be activated. You can import an Integration Studio project in different situations. For example, when an existing ETL such as a template connector needs to be uploaded in your Integration Studio for the first time.

To create an ETL package

  1. After the download completes, right-click on the project name in the Package Explorer tab and click Import.

  2. In the pop-up window that is displayed, click General > Archive File > Next.

  3. Select the archive for the new module (for example, and then click Finish. The Overwrite existing resources without warning should not be selected as this is the first time this module is created.

  4. After the import procedure is complete, right-click the project name and click Close Project.

  5. To force a refresh of all the project information, right-click the project name and click Open Project.

  6. Activate the module. For more information, see Activating a custom extractor module.