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Deployment of the TrueSight Capacity Optimization product requires the installation the following component products. Ensure that your environment meets or exceeds the minimum requirements for your planned deployment.

Hardware requirements for the TrueSight Capacity Optimization components

Specific hardware requirements for the deployment depend on your deployment architecture.


BMC recommends that you contact the BMC Customer Support for your sizing requirements.

The minimum requirements for the architecture are as follows:





Database Server

4 cores

8 GB

SCSI or external storage are recommended.

Application Server

4 cores

16 GB

8 GB + 120 GB for the repository. SCSI storage is recommended.

ETL Engine Server

4 cores

8 GB

8 GB + 50 GB

Gateway Server2 cores8 GB200 GB
Capacity AgentNot applicableNot applicable1 GB + 2 GB (with history enabled)
Atrium Single Sign On Server

See Atrium Single Sign-On system requirements .

Presentation Server

See System requirements for Presentation Server .

For Linux systems, the installation directory of each product component must be on a standard Linux filesystem such as ext3 or a Global File System (GFS) for high availability deployments (Active/Passive servers). Installation on a CIFS share mounted as a filesystem is not supported. You can use CIFS share only for the shared repository.