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Datacenters are centralized repositories (physical or virtual) where you store and manage data and information pertaining to your business processes. To facilitate the tasks involved in managing one or more datacenters, the product console provides the Datacenter Overview page.

Navigate to Views > All Views > Datacenter > Overview for viewing the page.

The Datacenter Overview page provides the following:

  • Displays all types of computer infrastructure, virtual and physical. The infrastructure may be used for cloud or enterprise.
  • Allows you to organizes physical and virtual computers, by physical location, organization, domain, or business service.
  • Enables you to navigate quickly to a specific system, by filtering the information based on a variety of parameters, including performance metrics and system category.

You can use Datacenter Overview to make informed decisions regarding datacenter capacity management by analyzing a wide range of details, such as CPU performance and capacity, physical memory utilization and capacity, location, and more.

The following figure shows an example of the Datacenter Overview page.

Datacenter overview page

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