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This topic describes how to customize the look and feel of the TrueSight Capacity Optimization console. For example, you can configure the console to incorporate colors based on the color scheme used by your organization.

Before you begin

You must be logged on to the TrueSight Capacity Optimization console with a user account that has been assigned a role that includes access to the Administration tab, such as the ADMIN role.

To customize the TrueSight Capacity Optimization console appearance

  1. In the TrueSight Capacity console, click the Administration tab.

  2. In the Navigation panel, click SYSTEM >Skin.
    The Skin Customization page is displayed on the right, with the Title section open, by default.

  3. You can define the background and text colors, logos, and background images for different areas of the console as described in the following table:

    TabSample preview
    Title section

    Tree section
    Page title area
    Page description area

    Wizard and dialogs

    Configuration editor

    Define the default look for reports by easily customizing the report title color, header and footer text, cover page image, logo and footer image.

    You can easily upload locally stored logo images and specify your header and footer text to use in reports.


    • When uploading logos, the best sizing for the cover page logo is 122 X 166 pixels and for the company logo is 166 X 71 pixels.
    • You can upload only those filenames that begin with a letter (upper/lowercase) or number, and have maximum 254 characters except '/', '\' or  ';'.

    The default look you specify is applicable to all existing basic, advanced and composite reports, and to new reports that you generate.

    Sample report:

    Each section of the Skin Customization page, except the Reports section, displays a preview of how that section looks according to the values you define.

    The BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization console reflects the changes only after you log off and log on again.

  4. At the bottom of the page, click Save.
    To reset the skin customization settings to their system defaults, at the bottom of the page, click Reset To Default, and then click Save.

  5. Log off and log on to the TrueSight Capacity Optimization console.

    The console is displayed with the skin customization changes you made.

Video example: Customize the cover sheet of a report

The following video (3:27) illustrates the process of customizing the look and feel of the cover sheet of a report and then, viewing the modified report.