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Use the Integration Studio to create a new extractor module. 

Before you begin

  • Install Integration Studio. For more information, see Integration Studio.
  • If you are new to developing custom ETLs and working with Integration Studio, review the content under Preparing to develop custom ETLs.
  • Ensure that an ETL project already exists in Integration Studio. Every custom module module must be associated with or stored in an ETL project.

     Steps to create an ETL project

    1. In Integration Studio, click File > New and select BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization ETL project.

    2. Retain the other default values or modify them, as required.

    3. Specify a project name and click Finish.

To create a custom extractor module

  1. Open Integration Studio.
  2. In the Package Explorer view, select the ETL project in which you want to add the module.
  3. Click File > New, and select BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization ETL module.

  4. In Module file name field, type a new name for the extractor.


    Use the following naming convention for the module file name:

    - Begin the name with an uppercase letter.

    - End the name with P for a parser module or with E for an extractor module.

    For example, New20161212P, Etl20160202E.

  5. In Type, ensure that Extractor module is selected.
  6. In Origin, select the appropriate origin of your extractor.
  7. Click Finish to create the module.

    Creating a new extractor module

The new extractor is created in the ETL project under customsrc/ETL.extractor  folder and opens in the edit area. You can explore all ETL projects and modules in the project directory tree under the Package Explorer view.

You can now edit the extractor code.

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